A Link in the Chain


Creative content is only part of the social media equation. Another aspect that is overlooked is promoting said content. With search engines recent decision to hide keyword data, content promotion in social communities, such as groups more important.

This new industry specific focus of joining groups brings to light the fact that, in today’s world you have to have content with added value. The simplest way is industry specific (so you know what you’re talking about) information. Your posts gain no traction just by having optimized words in them. Here are four tips that will give you a leg up on the competition for a audience. Let’s take a look at LinkedIn.

Second verse, same as the first

Industry specific , rinse repeat. Even if your industry is not so glamorous, Linkedin can help. Put out a article about your industry do a search and see all the groups and individuals passionately discussing said topic. There are many useful tools to help in this endeavor.

Use images and a tempting call to action

Don’t just post a image with your content. Put a call to action in there. At least on a semi regular basis, place an ad or offer in your image to provoke response. At the very least, throw a tag line in there to promote you brand.

Check back in for more helpful hints or check out www.i-localbusiness.com for more information on growing your brand.

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