Google Plus or Minus… I Don’t know

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There’s no denying it that Google+ Hangouts are an artless invention and expands the use of the ever-growing video market. This different take on chat service brings numerous consumers from across the globe together into one convenient massive communication platform. Call it an easy and more compatible version of Skype. I know many people who have had a blast utilizing it for everything, live question and answer sessions, teaching different languages as well as simple conversations with friends from around the globe. Google+ is distinctive.

TKO your SEO

Google+ has the flexibility to reinforce a company’s SEO and web site traffic potential. Whenever a business shares content on their Google+ Page, like a photograph or company update, components of this content are going to be indexed into the search results. The content you share will been seen on your Google+ page and possibly seen within the search results. Moreover, performing a search for your web site also can pull these new links in Google, so again, you may see your Google+ page fortifying you’re ranking.

Invitation +1

Having the ability to ‘+1′ your original content will increase its search ranking, as long as,  a lot of individuals have viewed it. +1 demonstrates that people not only saw content, they enjoyed it by +1ing it.

So if content or a company’s Google+ page seems in a higher place within the search results, a portion of this can be attributed to your usage of additional content platforms. Now, if you were Google, which would you give more authority, an outside platform…or your own. I’m just saying. Stay tuned for more info on Google+, while you’re waiting contact ilocal at or visit ilocal Online Advertising & Marketing at

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